Happy birthday Neeraj.

Here's your gift- one more year. What are you going to do?

God :)

Dear God
Let me see.... Over the past 53 years I’ve realised there are phases in life. The beauty of life is, each phase brings its own challenges and aspirations. 
From being a greedy kid, I want this, this and this and this too :) and a more greedy adult :/ I’ve transformed into I don’t want this, this and this and this too :)
So point one will be to further reduce my baggage. Physical (body weight and stuff at home) mental(fears and conditioning) and spiritual( the illusion of permanence). Further simplify my life. Only keep things of value.

Money & happy memories top this list. They'll be acquired in abundance this year. A top class business and a whole lot of holidays with family and friends is right at the top of the agenda. People for Wrapd will be chosen, not on the basis of their qualifications but on the basis of whether I enjoy working with them or not ;) If I enjoy, obviously they're good people, conforming to my value set. So simple. 
In brief the aim is to enjoy. 
If the option is one, I choose happy memories. Money is a way to achieve that.

Next I've kind of figured out, the mind is the creator of my life. Not my circumstances. My circumstances are a consequence of my decisions. Decisions were taken in my mind. If I don't like my circumstances I must change my decisions. Circumstances will automatically change. Hence I should start working on my mind. Since my mind and I are one, it's difficult to be the observer and the observed at the same time. Please help. My tool of choice in this wrangle is books and immense reflection aka wasting time, just gazing, in the guise of reflecting :) Please send some nice books across and ample time to gaze. I intend doing full justice to both :)

And last, since this mind is very safely locked in my body, the vehicle - over a period of 53 years, needs maintenance. So regular visits to the yoga mat have been scheduled.

A daily dose of full throated laugh shall be duly taken. This year will be dedicated to achieving my goal for this year - zero. I started my life in laughter, then it transformed into cribs and anger, it's time I went back quickly to laughter. By average life span I've just another 10 years left though I'm targeting more ;) Even a daily dose of full throated laughter will be a little less in achieving zero, the cribbing done to date outnumbers laughter by a huge margin :/ Will give it my best shot though.

Last I’ve also decided to stop feeling guilty of my good fortune/talents/circumstances. You created all with the same ability to rise above their handicaps. Everyone has different ones though. Me - Small town, woman, joint family, ..... (Or were they assets! )I needn’t feel guilty. The world doesn’t need any saving by me. 
 1. We’re no one to judge people need help! They’re what they’re because that’s what they want to be. Every day there’s an inspiring story of someone who made it despite the odds. The odds are in existence because people don’t want to get even ;) Those who do... well you know... :)
2. We, ordinary human beings, who can’t see the effects of our decisions beyond the immediate, can’t take decisions based on a time frame of aeons (expected time of earth survival) Wise to leave to a person who is able to see and plan accordingly. Namely you :) 
A bird can’t be a fish. Human beings can’t run this complex universe. Best left to the correct person - you. I hope you know your job ;) psst they say plastic/climate change/AI and many other, the list is endless, are an issue ;) Btw people say, Your universe is doomed ;) As if we can see the grand plan 🙄. Our arrogance.

So thank you God for giving another year. I shall henceforth stop interfering in your job and get on with the job of living my life.

(Play the song 
देर लगी, पर अब मैंने जीना सीख लिया.... From zindagi na milege dobaara ;)

I hope सीख लिया. If not, will revise plan next year :)

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