Trying out UCL’s new Machine Learning Academy

This is my first medium post. I’ve recently embarked on a new challenge and want to write about it to help me along the way and also share my experiences.

After studying Engineering at Cambridge, I have been working as a strategy consultant in London for just over 2.5 years.

I’ve recently joined the Machine Learning Academy at UCL for the next 6 weeks, a new and innovative course started up by UCL to help entrepreneurs, students and professionals rapidly make sense of this growing field. Each week there’s one lecture led by UCL professors and a seminar led by a company using ML technology. The lectures incorporate technical theory, business theory and start up case studies.

In parallel, to focus on building my technical skills, I am also studying the Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng on Coursera.

I’ve decided to pursue these courses because I’m finding engineering playing an increasingly larger role in my life: in the news I read, projects I do, and the conversations I have with clients, colleagues and friends.

I’m starting a journey to reconnect with my engineering roots, this time with a clear focus on the business implications as well as the technical skills. My aim is to understand how these technologies work, the impact they can have and how businesses can best leverage them.

Each week as I go though the UCL ML course I want to share a post about the three key things I learn on the journey. This is week one, stay tuned for a post at the end of the week.