Goede, verse spullen als basis…

Na vele jaren perfectioneren, gebruikmaking van vele testpanels en zelfs de goedkeuring van de meest fervente carnivoren, kan ik wel stellen dat dit mijn signature dish is.

Het begon allemaal, wat ik zei, vele jaren geleden, toen ik geïnspireerd werd door een recept waarvan ik, jullie kennen mij, hier de bron zou willen vermelden, maar helaas…

Hoe dan ook, ik heb er zo veel aan gesleuteld dat ik het mezelf intussen wel een beetje kan toe-eigenen.

Het is een perfect gerecht om op een zwoele zomeravond, buiten op het terras te serveren, maar geloof me: ik heb bewijs dat het…

Image based on work by Miguel Á. Padriñán | Pexels

Almost everyone who runs a SaaS business applies (a form of) Agile, often with the addition of principles from the immensely popular Lean Startup- and Lean Software Development-movement. And if you keep up to date with the latest trends, you’ll add some stuff from Design Thinking.

These methods have different goals, and require different mindsets, but they can absolutely be combined and complement each other:

A Bare All Experiment in Single Page Application Building

This is the second part of a series about “The Naked SPA”, an experiment in dropping everything but the bare essentials in Single Page Application Development.

Read Part I.

Detail from “Four Lit Tealights”— Breakingpic

For The Naked SPA, I forced myself to go frameworkless. Just to prove a point. By no means am I trying to discourage the use of JavaScript Frameworks such as VueJS, Angular and React, but as someone who’s been around since the rise of the Web, I have my not-so-fashionable thoughts on the cyclic nature of their popularity, and, well, it’s great fun to challenge mainstream thinking.

“[Frameworks] are very powerful…

A Bare All Experiment in Single Page Application Building

If, like me, you’ve been following web development for a while, you’ll have noticed how best practices have dramatically changed over the years, how stuff gets ‘cool’ and hyped, then dismissed and forgotten; how browser wars have slowly disappeared, and the whole server-client thinking has shifted, then shifted again…

Nothing special. The Times They Are a-Changin’.

I’ve gotten used to this continuous evolution, but hey, I’m a nerd, so when a web app feels sluggish, I sometimes dive in. When the Developers Tools show that my PC downloaded 2.1MB

Photo by Aksonsat Uanthoeng — Pexels.com

As a Chief Technology Officer who has worked for and with numerous companies, ranging from early startups to Enterprise Software vendors, I’m used to be asked to explain what my role is all about. Every role in IT comes with specific expertise and responsibilities, and you can’t expect everyone to just exactly understand what mine are.

Let’s look at the role definition:

“A chief technology officer (CTO) […] is an executive-level position in a company or other entity whose occupation is focused on the scientific and technological issues within an organization. […] A CTO should be aware of new and…

Software Development is a complex beast. I have nearly 30 years of experience with coding, architecture and governance, but it’s easy to get lost in the sheer complexity of all the aspects of what makes great software.

ROI on Sponsoring

Three years ago, when Microsoft asked me to help them assess startups that entered the Microsoft BizSpark program, I had to come up with some structure to be able to evaluate the maturity of each startup in their app development. No small task, especially if you want to make it relatively objective.

My first idea was to follow the popular road of mapping…

As a SaaS startup founder, your main objective is to get your big idea realized, your MVP in front of your customers.

This focus on speed-to-market, combined with a tight budget (unless you’re really lucky) makes for a pragmatic, sometimes even opportunistic attitude towards whatever gets you there.

This opportunistic approach to running your startup presents some challenges in building the technical foundations of your SaaS app.

If you’re aware of these dynamics and keep a few things in mind, you can be extremely lean and pragmatic but still make a fantastic first impression with your SaaS MVP.

As a…


With the selection of a Cloud Platform becoming a standard part of a startup’s journey, you’d expect startups to make in-depth exploration of the platform’s possibilities a part of the process, or at least one of the next steps.

As a CTO who’s had the chance to look into the kitchen of quite a few startups over the last few years, I have however noticed that this is rarely the case.

The landscape of early startups is a varied one. The non-tech ones that outsource literally every bit of tech (you’d be surprised how many of these actually exist) obviously…

Wow, your startup is getting noticed. You just allocated more resources, and you’ve managed to pass that invisible line where you suddenly get called a Scaleup.

Now what? You obviously did well in order to get here, but can you just continue doing things like before?

Take it from an experienced CTO: you can, but you’ll be better off by changing a few things.

#1 — Take a deep breath… Now reconsider your Architecture

In the startup phase, you want to be “Lean”. In fact, you want to be leaner than lean, focusing on getting a Proof-of-Concept, a prototype or even an MVP out. …

“Change is the only constant, so individuals, institutions, and businesses must be Built to Adapt.” (Pivotal.io).

Neerventure helps software-driven organisations go through the difficulties of digital transformation, leveraging the full power and flexibility of Cloud-Native application architectures.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Every software developing company needs to continuously adapt. To changing environments, to evolving customer needs. To catch up with competitors, to stay connected to evolving systems. To embrace new technologies and not fall behind.

The following list of benefits is taken from Pivotal’s excellent article Digital Transformation: How to Become a Disruptor.

  • Competitive advantage — The continuous delivery mindset and adoption of collaborative…


CTO-as-a-Service —Chief Technology Officer as a Service — https://neerventure.com / https://cto-as-a-service.nl/

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