Aweber is Great Email Marketing Service in World.

Having a great email marketing service will not only increase customer loyalty and grow your audience but can also improve your business revenues by listening to the actions of your subscribers and engaging with your customers.

The most vital and cost effective tool for any online business is the usage of email marketing.

AWeber at its best

Aweber has great autoresponder capabilities that are personalized, timely and with targeted messages to the customers such as an introductory welcome email upon signing up that follows up a couple of times to ensure that the customer gets vital information when you need and want them to. A great tactic that keeps your company and services in the customer’s mind. It only takes a simple auto response schedule set-up with a series of emails and Aweber will take care of the rest.

AWeber has a wide variety of tools that make email marketing a breeze, effective and easy to use because these tools and features are user-friendly and they do not require coding or design experience. These essential tools and features include:

  • A choice of over 600 email templates to make your campaigns unique from other competitors
  • A predetermined schedule that sends out you RRS feeds
  • A well designed mobile-friendly email templates for sign-up forms and newsletters
  • A drag and drop message editor that allows you to create headlines and insert images into your message

AWeber’s email delivery rate is at 99% meaning, you can schedule emails to your subscriber’s inbox and they will arrive on time and uncorrupted.

AWeber boasts some advanced analytical tools such as open rates, click rates, download percentages, buy rates that allow you to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns with these easy to access statistics. AWeber mobile Atom is a new Stats App that allows you to check your email follow up and broadcast email stats on the go. You can now also send emails in any language.

It also has an easy report access where you can look at how often your customers are interacting with your emails through your company’s email reporting dashboard. This easy access is extremely important because the data collected can tell you how engaging or successful your campaigns are and it also helps to identify problem areas that you need to resolve.

Another very important Email marketing tool is that with AWeber you can import your existing customer and subscriber lists. So you can transfer lists from other email marketing services easily.

AWeber has a variety of applications such as PayPal and shopping carts plug-ins to make customer purchases safe and seamless, sign-up forms for Facebook, WordPress, templates for standard websites that help add and more subscribers and customers to your email lists.

Aweber offers very comprehensive how-to video tutorials, PDF guides, free live webinars and a robust blog to answer questions and keep customers updated.

The customer solutions team at Aweber are available for you 7 days a week via phone, online chat or ticket submission.

This is what makes AWeber a great email marketing service. Sign up for your 30 day free trial and see for yourself!

Originally published at on July 5, 2017.