Why can’t the world just let me be?


Why do I have to do the things I’m supposedly supposed to do?

Why should I follow the rules made by men and women hundreds of years ago, and those whom had nothing to do with me?

Why should I study, get a job, and get married because that’s what everyone has been doing for centuries?

Why should I fulfill people’s expectations all the time, when I don’t expect anything from them?

Why do I have to forgive people whom I hate from the core of my heart? There is a reason why I hate them, after all.

Why do I have to live with someone’s bullshit when all I want to do is walk away?

Why do I have to put up with something when I just want to put an end to it?

Why should I have to think about what people will think about me?

Why should I feel bad about doing something that my heart wants?

Why can’t I make my own rules and have the freedom to break or follow them?

Why can’t the world just let me be?

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