Yet another journey

I know that I want to run away,

Not knowing from what and whom,

Not knowing toward whom and whereto,

Mind tricked the innocent feet into believing

Running away is the solution,

So I run, run far and wide.

Not sure what’s left behind,

Trying to find home and peace and quiet,

To find someone to confide.

Searching and wandering tirelessly,

Across the vastness of land, and space,

With no rules to abide, with no one by my side.

Sometimes I feel lonely, and desolate,

Empty and bare, yet, saturated,

Like I’m filled with nothingness inside.

Perhaps running away is the fix, after all,

To plunge into a new journey,

Replace with love, the void.

Life is this journey,

Of learning and unlearning, creating and destroying,

And perhaps this journey is our destination.

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