The breath of HOPE

One of the harshest things I faced in life was the sudden demise of loved ones in quick succession. It all happened too fast to comprehend. The ground underneath me shook. Life as I knew it had completely changed. I struggled to comprehend the reality that had come upon me and my family. I questioned the universe for justice, I was angry for what I was handed. The ruthlessness of life scared me. Above all, I made a conscious decision to not be happy out of fear of losing the happiness. Happiness seemed like an illusion. As time passed, happiness ended up as seeming to be a lie and misery had become the truth. As silly as it sounds, this made perfect sense to me for almost a decade. To save myself from misery, I avoided situations that could make me happy.

I thought the reality of life is all good things come to an end, all relationships eventually fade, life ultimately ends in death. What then is the point of being happy? When misery lurks around the corner. What then is the point of engaging with people? When the pain of separation is insufferable. What then is the point of life? When death is inevitable.

I was engulfed in fear, anxiety, isolation, disappointment, pain and anger. I lost myself to the point where I could not recognize myself. I lost myself to the point where I did not like the person I had become. My life lacked vision, energy and zeal. I was merely coasting through life. I did not know what I was doing with my life. I did not know my purpose in life. I knew something had to change. I started reading books, began exercising, changed my lifestyle. The resultant energy and state of mind lasted for just a couple of hours. I knew I needed something better. I decided to try something I never imagined. And my life was transformed.

Last year, I did a Yes Plus course offered by the Art of Living. I learned yoga, breathing rhythms and meditation that helped to de-stress and energize. The breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya had a profound effect on my mind. It worked like a switch! Sudarshan kriya followed by meditation silenced my mind and turned off the usual unpleasant mind chatter I was used to. I remember being amazed at how calm and peaceful I felt. I realized I had been stressed out for so many years that it had become my normal! It was the calm after my very first Sudarshan Kriya and meditation that brought my awareness to just how exceedingly stressed I was for a very long time. The peace and silence in my mind fostered clarity of thought. It helped me think from a calm space. My journey of self-discovery began.

The most priceless realization was that of HOPE. HOPE that is self-empowering, LOVE that is all-encompassing, STRENGTH that is inspiring, PURPOSE that is unwavering.

I felt extremely blessed to experience a drastic shift in my consciousness. I am lost for words to describe it. As I abandoned victim consciousness, I experienced a shift in my inner world. This shift accompanied by the knowledge of life and meditation has restored my faith and trust in the universe. I realized that life is what we make it to be. I began embracing happiness and challenges, I began smiling again. A little bit of crazy singing and dancing too!

Happiness and freedom is within each and every one of us. It is just a matter of choice!

My only wish is that you experience magic in your life as I did in mine. With great love and respect, I welcome you to join me on October 23, 2016 (11 AM — 12:30 PM) to know about the Art of Living at Embassy Suites, 4400 S Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85282.