RubyConf India2016: #Experience

I attended the RubyConf India Conference that took place from 19th March to the 20th March 2016 at the Le Meridien Kochi in Kochi, India.I express my heart-felt-gratitude to Red Panthers, the digital sponsor for RubyConf India2016 who sponsored my ticket. Attending the conference was a very valuable and engaging experience for me, to hear from passionate and creative people speak about their work.

The conference covered areas like Ruby Language, Framework and Tools and well known speakers from international Ruby community. We (Anila Anne George and me myself ) thank our sponsors for giving us this great opportunity. As students this was the first professional conference that we attended.

The main attraction for RubyConf India Conference 2016 was that the Opening keynote speaker this year was Matz! (Yukihiro Matsumoto)- The Creator of Ruby language. This was also the first time Matz visited India.

Keynote by Matz

Day 1

The opening keynote was delivered by Matz on Ruby, its history, and his focus on Ruby for embedded and scientific computing for the next couple of years.Then I attended the talk on anatomy of constant lookup and autoloading in Ruby by Prathamesh Sonpatki followed by the talk by Shobhit Srivastava on “Hidden features in Ruby you may not know about”.

Katrina Owen presented a very interesting talk named “Succession” on code refactoring.She is the creator of, an open source application that developers use to level up their programming skills. We even had a wonderful conversation with her afterwards where she talked about her blog, the book she co-authored .

With Kytrinyx ;)

There were speakers from all over the world who had come together to share their knowledge on different aspects of Ruby. We had very interesting, informative and educational moments from sessions and also the informal interactions with the attendees. The talks provided us with new ideas, also the slides and sites were shared by the speakers.

Ruby Hero Award !

Sethupathi Asokan from Josh software presented a talk on Code Curiosity-On how to make Open source your livelihood.

Prathemesh Sonpatki, from Big Binary bagged this year’s RubyConf India Ruby Hero Award. It is a recognition given to influential dev’s in the Indian Ruby/Rails community.

With Sean Griffin

Post lunch we attended talk by Aaron Cruz on Ruby alternatives .

In the evening Sean Griffin presented a talk on “Databases: What We Can Learn From Other Languages” . We also attended the presentation on “Factory, Workshop, Stage” by Sarah Mei.

We had a chat with Sean Griffin, the creator of Diesel, an ORM and query builder for Rust and also with Sarah Mei.

Networking being a major aspects of any conference, all 2 days we were engaged in talking to the speakers and the folks sitting next to us. We asked a lot of questions though ;p. There were also quite a number of lightning talks at the end of the day.

From left Anushree Subramani, Anila Anne George, Sarah Mei, Saritha TS, Neethu Sajeevan

Day 2

The second day began with a keynote by Laurent Sansonetti. He is the founder of HipByte and the developer of RubyMotion.

Manohar Amrutkar presented on — Streaming API, Spark and Ruby.Vagmi Mudumbai gave an overview on statically typed Ruby.Anuja Ware and Shweta Kale from Josh Software gave a talk on how they overcame their fear of contributing to open source. Jon McCartie gave an interesting presentation -“From Facepalm to Foolproof".

For the last talk of the day, I attended Charles Nutter ‘s talk on — “Ruby Performance: The Last Mile”.

All the sessions were really interactive with the audience given a chance for Q&A.

Met Matz!

For us it was a great learning experience both listening to people share their contributions & ideas and to have unique, personal & insightful conversations with other people.

RubyConf India2016 — theaudience
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