Exceptional technology.. Extraordinary care..Only in MediEN — Healthcare App with AUGMENTED REALITY

Today’s patients are empowered, informed partners in the healthcare equation, with high tech tools at their fingertips that allow them to take a more active role in care decisions. They want and expect access to medical records, lab results and other functions on demand, at home or on-the-go through their mobile devices. Healthcare providers are recognizing the necessity of an engagement strategy that includes mobile technology as a way to meet expectations, educate and engage patients, as well as fulfill Meaningful Use requirements.

While implementing and managing a mobile engagement strategy can be quite complex, MediEN offers a simple solution, a feature-rich, cost-effective mobile app that makes connecting with patients easier than ever before.

MediEN: A 24/7 Patient Education and Engagement Platform

Nocon’s revolutionary new MediEN is an on-the-go patient engagement application and a point of service interactive experience for patients, health plan members, and caregivers. It provides a framework that creates multiple, customizable points of access to applications and information while providing high value to patients.Video conferencing can be an incredibly effective feature in this app .With Augmented Reality in MediEN app ,when app user focus his device in front of hospital building or images of hospital on a magazine or newspaper, Virtual Reality scan mode will show an array of options popping up including Hospital Specialties, Specialists currently available, booking slots available for any specialist, Image gallery and more.

MediEN empowers patients to take a more active role in their care by allowing them to:

  • Book appointments
  • With Augmented Reality in MediEN we let the user see the hospital services and Specialities without going in to the Hospital physically.
  • Access and update forms prior to arrival
  • Update their health profile and personal information
  • View lab and test results
  • Request prescription refills
  • Access educational material
  • Interact and engage in health promotions and campaigns
  • Communicate securely with their care team anytime, anywhere

MediEN: Offering a Wealth of Capabilities That Drive Sustainable Value

  • Builds brand awareness and loyalty by providing a customized, personally branded mobile application
  • Offers a personal touch point with patients in a multitude of ways, including in the waiting room before they ever see their provider
  • Utilizes a unique, dynamic management system that provides complete and real-time control of customized content, making it easy to implement and manage
  • Empower collaboration among Patient, Provider and Payer
  • ER visits and re-admissions can be decreased by educating and engaging patients on a regular basis

MediEN is the simple on-the-go solution that enables positive brand association, increases patient engagement, and improves satisfaction levels by providing a better healthcare consumer experience. MediEN is leading the industry in cost-efficiency, ease of implementation and access, making it the smart choice for healthcare providers seeking high value engagement strategies.

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