5 High-Demand Programing Skills For Coders That Want To Get Hired in 2018
Armina Mkhitaryan

Your articles are so below average, at least do some proper research before publishing and also think of the authenticity of the platform which provides majority of readers for your poor articles.

And do not blame your poor articles on the fact that, “ majority of sololearners are beginners”. They are beginners but not ignorants. Here are some tips to improve your articles

  • Use industry related facts and figures.
  • Stop writing typical potboilers and do some real research before writing some articles.
  • Highlight the importance of your topic interactively.
  • Consult experienced programmers or regularly stay updated with blogs or podcasts for fresh content.
  • Mail me at neetishop@gmail.com for more ideas, so that I would know that, at least you are taking my suggestion seriously.
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