The day you couldn't forward that life-threatening WhatsApp message.

Here’s an excerpt from a chat between two Indian guys: a techie and his “non-techie”(and a bit superstitious) friend:

The non-techie guy seems somewhat tensed…

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me today. I am really scared.”

Why? What happened?

“Tell me how to ensure that I can successfully forward this life-threatening(/saving) WhatsApp message: (in Hindi language)

यह मैसेज अपने 500 फ्रेंड्स को फॉरवर्ड करें…निर्मल बाबा की कृपा होगी. _/\_
caution: अगर फॉरवर्ड नही किया तोह इसका परिणाम घातक हो सकता है : आज 10 बिल्लियां तुम्हारा रास्ता काटेंगी …
:o :O

English translation:

Forward this message to 500 of your friends…nirmal baba will bless you. _/\_
caution: if you didn’t, then it can have severe consequences: 10 cats will cross your way today…
:o :O
(Fun Fact: Many Indians consider a cat crossing your path as ill omen.)

“Although connected to WiFi, I am not able to forward the message. :(

Maybe it wasn't WiFi; it was LieFi instead.


Or, maybe it’s time we evolve ourselves from being a mere observer of what’s happening in front of us to being a learner who knows what’s going on behind the scenes.

In formal terms, we are talking about (computer) networking.

eww…seems like a dull technical talk.


Not really.

Formalism is boring; Humour is eternal.
Right N(Me)ow!

There are actually 3 “networking” topics:

We are in the Middle:

the one that deals with the transfer of packets (a packet is a block of data transmitted across a network, like a simple ‘Aur batao…’ message).
But why the hell should I bother about networking knowledge at all?

I mean, I am good at downloading torrents and using skype / facebook / WhatsApp etc. What else is needed in life?

Damn…I actually never thought about it.

^Aah…thanks for making this world so carefree!

  • To learn about the networking slang:
  • And, just for the sake of learning the basics:

Why learn about the Internet?
  1. Curiosity
  2. Impact on the World: you really don’t know how much power you got pal ;)

Once upon a time…

to this:

Today the internet is an everyday institution used at work, home, and OTG(on-the-go)

Like people these days…

  • Go to tourist spots.
  • Start clicking photographs.
  • Start uploading them/posting status on-the-go.
  • Get flooded with notifications.
  • Forget to fully enjoy the present picturesque surroundings in its first place.

Tour ends.

You see, it’s all about your (online)social status.

Yeah…and no one can deny appreciating the impact of the internet on the society:

What about the Economic Impact?


^Want to be super-rich like Uncle Scrooge?

Then come along and read about networking!

netWorKing: the net of your hard Work can make you a King.


But oh, you just can’t achieve your goal if you don’t know the fundamentals of computer networks.

You know what? I think we should take a short break.

You mean, like this?

Don’t worry. The beginnings are usually a bit boring. But we shall soon see the ‘fun’ part of the fun-damentals!

Hmm…That’s actually interesting. A similar thing happened with me. Like I was downloading a high-resolution version of this eye-opener photo, but the download kept failing at 99% progress:


you mean bro-code?

Lol…be patient bro…there’s a lot to cover ;)

Yeah…I can very well relate it to my friend Johnny whose today’s girlfriend was different from the one he had yesterday.

Billion?? I don’t even know how many 0's it’s got :(

Oh, that’s really sad…maybe you know about one of these examples:

Only if I had not bunked the classes :/ :/


Hope you’ll come back again… if not for me… at least for the people who inspire you…like Johnny!