Living with crazy people (a.k.a. my family) my entire life teaches you some lessons. Here are some lessons that I learned from my crazy family.

  1. They support you always

My family supports me in anything like anything joining games,workshops and 7 year old parties. They support me in joining friends who are literally younger than me which means they’re “energetic” (they pull mascot’s hair ,photo bombing other peoples photos and banging on doors where mascots change and screaming “I LOVE YOU”) yeah… just to let you know I hanged out with them in a birthday. This lesson really makes you feel welcomed in the family.

2.Developing trust in them

In my family its really hard to trust them since they just scare you for no reason.But you really need to since they’re the ones you will end up living with for half of you’re life and sometimes sharing clothes with so trust is a big concept in our family since you can’t just get mad at them for no reason its dumb. but in simple ways of kindness you develop trust in them which is nice but you still have to be aware since they prank you ever so often.

3.Learning new stuff everyday

Last but not the least learning new things from my family is cool (somehow ) and everyday I get curious and ask questions to my parents or sister which is annoying but sometimes you get a deeper answer which makes you ask another question over and over again until they just quit which is also annoying for me but they also answer me “Just Google it” I basically don’t do it since I’m too lazy but learning new things also helps me in school which is helpful for me.

Living with crazy people makes me also crazy but they help me develop to be ready for people who are more crazy I guess but every family is special my family is the crazy ones but for me this is home and this is my crazy family blog.

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