Well, Hello and Welcome!!

Here are few words to let you know about PETME.

PETME is an idea that came up during the class of Miss’ Betty Tsakarestou Ad Discovery Workshop . We made a team of six and tried to make a campaign trying to let people know more of the serious problem of stray animals and sensitize them. Finally, through many efforts, meetings and discussions we decided to change our subject a little bit, finding out that just sensitizing was not enough. So, we changed our plans and made a shot for an app that would help people not only know the problem but also make it easier for them to be part of its solution: adopting a stray!

Here is a story that will help you understand the benefits of the PETME application better:

“Hey, my name is Tomas! My friends are used to call me Tom, so please feel at home too!

Here is a story I would like to share with you, about an incident that happened to me few days ago and really helped me find the answer at the question that was wandering around my head for the last few months: what should I do to adopt the “right” dog?

At first, since I leave alone, I thought it would be a great idea to adopt a little pall so I do not feel lonely and to have someone that is a really caring and loyal companion to me. Friends of mine told me to buy a puppy but I thought it would be more responsible to adopt one from an animal welfare. Besides, I know that the problem of abandoned stray dogs is growing and it has huge bad aspects for us and our whole community at the same time. It makes clear that people leave dogs that are supposed not to suit their needs anymore in the streets, that they do not care about them needing their families. That It shows people do not even realize the bad aspects of those acts in society, where more money are to spend for animal welfares, vaccines and cleaning in order to avoid illnesses. So since, I did not like the idea of participating in this inhumanity, I decided to find my new friend through a welfare.

Although, no matter how easy it was to decide I wanted to make an adoption, I had completely no idea of what to do: to whom I should talk, what should I ask or how would I make this difficult choice. Of course it would take much of my time and since I am a teacher I have plenty of homework along with my students and I was having some difficulties. I was thinking it would be perfect for people just like me to have some kind of a guide to lend us a hand. Besides, just trying to make the choise itself among so many little faces is not so easy.

That is when I heard about “PETME”. My students informed me of an application that would suit exactly to what I needed at the time. So, I searched it and found their facebook page and I followed it. Reading the description I found out that it was exactly what I was looking for! They were talking about an application that could help people adopt the “right” dog for them easily. So, I decided to give it a shot and messaged them myself to ask for more details about what this application was about, reporting them my insecurities, knowing the importance of that choice and the responsibilities I would now have. Texting me back, at first, they mentioned about the application itself. After that, they advised me on how I could use it properly in order to find my “forever friend” as they said, marking that the process would be both easy and effective.

All I had to do was to download the app and create an account. Then a questionnaire appeared on my screen, asking me about details of my life status and my character in order to find me what type of dog would suit my living and needs. I was informed by the stuff via their message that they cooperated with many animal welfares so the app would choose for me and show five available and matching to me dogs, with their detailed descriptions about their age, their character, where to find them, etc, under their pictures. And so it happened! Clicking the one that I thought it touched me, “PETME” people arranged me an appointment with the welfare stuff. No need to say that of course I know have a cute little son called Max…!

I have to admit I was doubtful about this application. I thought it crazy to have an app choosing for me, I thought it would be mistrustful. But, fortunately, “PETME” proved me wrong in the end!”

Some bit of advice: I really have to metion that making such projects takes lot of time and needs patience and sacrifices. Do not hesitate to open your mind and try to show you care by such efforts. It is important not to give up, not even if you

If you are ready to make the step and have a new friend please DO NOT BUY BUT ADOPT an animal. Do not buy a life, but SAVE A LIFE…

For more information about PETME check on: Nefeli Moiranaiou, Ilya Tranoudi, Edlira Osmena, Elisavet Papantoniou, Aggeliki Karampela.