Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif photograph taken by me pre-elections

October 6th 2016

What We Know And What We Do Not Know

On this date Dawn Group published the following article:

The government took quick action in placing journalist Cyril Almeida on the ECL (Exit Control List) on the basis of a “fabricated story” and in concern of national interest.

What we as the public do not know is there was a meeting that took place. But we are told why. However a journalist must be reprimanded for his errors. Where is the accountability of the government and the military on their facts?

So far this what the Government is saying

“The participants were unanimous that the published story was clearly violative of universally acknowledged principles of reporting on National Security issues and has risked the vital state interests through inclusion of inaccurate and misleading contents,” the statement said.

“(The) Prime Minister took serious notice of the violation and directed that those responsible should be identified for stern action.”

Dawn’s recent statement 12 October 2016

What we also know is:

Around the same dates is this.

Perhaps the real question is not what was fabricated or what was in the interest of the country’s security, the question is why did this meeting take place at this time?

And unfortunately this might sound like a stupid question but with all of this censorship it is a dangerous one to ask. What is exactly happening in our own country right now?