Screw Things You Should Have Done Or Must Before 30

When I was twenty-seven those Buzzed lists did nothing for me, this did.

Breathe right now if you actually care to read this. Now that I lost your attention with a cliche intro lets continue to further bore you.

You will be your own mistakes you are not the boy or girl in some film, you are both characters. And that is al right to accept that a romance novel/comic book or a film can make such an impact. It probably won’t feel like that till you are alone but not lonely without him or her. But you will hidden messages within you.

Would I actually tell you the truth if I did feel lonely? Would I tell you that I probably am not? I wouldn’t write that on the internet about a fresh wound but nor would I express that in person.

Quickly jot down, type or whatever this.

Fresh wound: What does that mean to you? Think about it jot it down.

Did you actually do it? Nope I know right now you probably even glossed over it or said “oh its jotted in my head”.

Look at the person beside you and answer, if you are on medium right now. There is no one physically or mentally present to switch answers with.

Nothing can teach, you how to be a person. Education, productivity and focus will help you keep your mind from straying all over the place.

That is the only fucking thing I wish I fucking did in my 2os but its a slow progress in my early 30’s so what the hell man. Stop builiding your personality according to what articles say online start looking at things you like. And for the love of God if you get an invite to a party, so fashion show, a wedding or an arranged marriage proposal or hate your job. Stop talking about before the invites stop, the job offers get less and you are tired of “looking” or “finding someone”.

And right now I hope one day I can wonder what it’s like to have it “together “ without missing the crucial blind spots.