Don’t allow yourself to be entangled in that negative loop

There are so many ways to avoid wasting our time in those negatives feelings. Here are some that I have tried

*Think of the many ways you have overcome past drawbacks and how you succeeded in getting what you wanted and I can assure you that the fact of remembering those moments you won will give you strength

* Remember that everything is temporal and the present suffering will end some day. Nothing is eternal

* Try not to get your thoughts stuck in that very thing that is bothering you. Think about the other incredible things you have in life. Will you choose to see the little black spot of the sheet or the 99% of the sheet which is completely white?

* If your brain is playing tricks on you drawing a very grim picture of the “what if this or that happens” just say “Everything is going to be alright” and just believe it because everything is going to be fine.

* Be thankful and start numbering the blessing you have. It really works. In fact, it is just impossible to be worried and thankful at the same time because your optimistic thoughts will chase away all the negative loop of believes

* Give relief to somebody who feels bad. Sometimes focusing on others make us remember that we are not the center of the universe and there are other people who are in worse conditions than us. It makes us selfless

* Take into consideration that life is a precious gem, it is a diamond that’s simply priceless and you have it! You own it! You are alive! Have you thought of the number of people who have died today; this month and this year? But you have the amazing gift of life. Your heart is beating strong and all the organs of your body are being irrigated by the blood that is pumped to them. You are breathing. You are in the world of life. Enjoy.

* Call a friend who can hear you. When people are down they make the big mistake to isolate themselves. People care more of us than what we believe.

* Sometimes we have the solutions to some situations at our fingertips and we just decide not to do anything because we are so immerse in the pain it causes, so if it is possible get yourself to create an action plan with dates and get your butt to wor.

*Sometimes when I feel bad and I cannot find the source of my disgust I simply deny to spoil my day and I start arranging my papers and my flat, just putting everything in order. Every time I do this I realize that I naturally shift from sorrow, guilt, discomfort to energy, positivism and clarity. Remember the spatial order determines the mental order

* Be friendly with yourself. When you are down give consolation and support to yourself as your dearest friend. When we are adults we have to parent ourselves with love.

* Sometimes when I am losing my focus or my energy I go to youtube and I listen to a motivational speech that has impacted me and I listen to it again to have a boost of energy and cut the negative sequence of negative thoughts

  • I think it is really dangerous to forget how short life is because we risk to age with a bitter taste in our mouths and then when it is too late we decide to enjoy life because we finally realize how close we are to death.

This song summirizes is so powerful and I listen to it to encourage me! Please enjoy it!

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