Too lazy to be successful

I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that stops us from being successful in whatever area of life is our laziness to change small things. Yesterday, I woke up with a heavy burden on my shoulders ignoring the reason why I felt all that lack of sense. In auto pilot I looked around my tiny apartment and I realized it was a mess and right there I remembered and understood that spatial order will determine my mental order. Therefore, I dug in my heels, rolled up my sleeves and started cleaning all what I found dirty and the truth is that I only did it because I had no intention to feel down and sorry for whatever reason my thoughts were making myself believe that the day socked. I decided to take control of my mental cockpit and soon after I recovered from the numbness. In the last months I have tried to turn the tables when I don’t wake up happy because as every woman on earth I go through hormonal changes during the month and sometimes I am more sensitive than other days but when the day is cloudy, so to speak, I will draw the sun.

To turn things around is simple but not easy. I experienced the guilt of being overweight for so many years and I knew exactly what I had to do, however, I preferred to grab the first thing I found in the kitchen when I arrived home starving. That was the easy way but I had no intention whatsoever to invest half an hour cooking something healthy that would have given me more energy, health and encouragement. I was pretty aware that I had to exercise at least 3 times a week to sweat and get myself in shape but I was too lazy to put on my pair of shoes and spare an hour three times a week. I remember that the most frustrating part was to be invited to parties and not to be able to wear something sexy to look awesome because my body wasn’t going to fit into a tight dress without looking like a bag of ice.

One of the things that I struggled with, along my whole life, was being short tempered. I was pretty aware that I had to zip up and wait for things to calm down but I just didn’t want to give up or swallow my pride. I had the innate instinct to take the argument to the limits where I could make the others feel really bad or the other way around. I was too proud to be quiet because I had the constant urge to defend myself and let nobody take advantage of me. In other words, I knew what I had to do and I was pretty aware of the consequences of blowing up but even so I, most of the times, decided to take the shortcut of impatience, anger and bitterness. I can assure you that it really takes time to listen to other people attentively to understand them and put yourself in their shoes because that will mean that you have to turn off your own ideas and surrender. Building long lasting relationships takes time, energy and commitment that is probably the reason why there is a very high number of lonely people out there who haven’t realized that they are the cause of their own disgrace. We are too lazy to look for professional help and assume we need to pay a specialist who could guide us and assist us in rebuilding our mindset in order to experience what wellbeing is about. There are so many good coaches and psychologists who can literally heal our poor mental condition but we are too lazy to make an appointment at least once a fortnight to fix things up.

Another thing I used to struggle with was putting things off. It was my specialty for so long that I never thought I could bring anything important to term with discipline and hard work. Getting my job done was ok because I did what I was supposed to do where I worked but the problem relied on making my personal dreams come true. I had always loved to write and I just found a bunch of excuses not to sit down in front of my computer and get my butt to work because the mind loves the easy and fun, the comfort zone, the things I know how to do well that just requires no effort. Thank God I learnt something: the people who have accomplished great things on earth invested tons of hours, sweat and energy. It is not luck as many believe or the environment, or the fact that they are gifted, not at all. I challenge you right now to goggle any interview of any famous person who you really admire and you will realize they will say how much they had to sacrifice and all the effort they put to become who they are now.

We are the Michelangelo of our lives and ironically you we have absolutely all what is needed to make the best master piece of yourself, you can decide whether to use that precious raw material or to waste it. Neffer Mustiola