Will this matter in 1,000 years?

Iceland — 2015

Lately, I feel unclear on what I do for a living. I’m a UI designer with over 10 years crafting fun & interactive experiences for recognized brands, yet I feel I am not putting my skills to serve others in deeper ways. My girlfriend asked me…

What you are doing… Will it matter in 1,000 years?

1,000 year old Red Wood Tree — California
I gasped a bit!

Am I curing cancer? Helping the weak? Discovering scientific break-throughs? Finding life on mars?

…sadly no!

But this took me back when I picked up my first camera, about 2 years ago. I discovered how well people reacted by watching my first films.

Human Emotions!

I loved the emotions that people felt and continued making more & more travel films.


Playing with orphan children in Delhi, India

The world noticed me!

Spread the light. Be the light — Salt Flats, Utah
If you haven’t been to Rajasthan, you will after watching this film!
Huffington Post
An exquisite film of India through a travelers eye! — 
Neftali reveals exceptional images of India through this film!
This filmmaker traveled 10,000 miles across the US to capture the most beautiful landscapes our country has to offer — 

My blog took off when my film Land of Kings got “Vimeo Staff Picked” & went viral online.

How does this matter?

I got flooded with positive messages, emails and job opportunities!

What started as a simple hobby quickly became an obligation and a voice that inspires people to relate with beauty, nature and all the profound emotions that a simple film can make you feel.

Land of Kings — Directed by Neftali

Shifting perspectives

We live in a world full of noise, bombarded with data or misleading information… An era packed with narcism and ego. Digesting all this made me realize how I too fall within the line of crafting art vs inflating ego.

Social media distracts and quickly turns you into an observer, criticizing and comparing people. It sucks!

Time to shift perspective! Let’s focus on creating content that truly matters. Capturing emotions across the world through film no matter if its good or bad; I truly believe it will have a profound impact on somebody and that’s what truly matters to me!

Notorious Carpenter — City of the Dead, Egypt

I met Fahid last year while visiting the City of the Dead, Cairo. His craft to serve others reminded me how much of what he does matters! His humility and non-selfishness to build homes around the humble community reflects service at an honorable level.

Turning your work to serve others in positive ways is the most rewarding experience you’ll have for thousands of years to come.
Year Zero film based in Egypt — 2015

Parklands film based in U.S National Parks — 2016