You could literally ask the same four questions about those people who still support Hillary, or…
Jere Krischel


The difference is Hillary and the Democrats aren’t in power.

From your response, I suspect you are a Trump supporter. So tell me, who are you? Why do you support this man?

This is beyond partisan politics for me. This is about a dangerous narcissistic and apparently largely clueless man sitting in the Oval Office, with the power to do terrible things to our country.

Tell me why, if my assumption is correct, you support him. Tell me how he is doing a good job.

My main news sources are Reuters, BBC, and the Associated Press. I also have Breitbart and Fox News on my phone just to keep up on how they spin things. I rarely share things from HuffPost or any of the other news outlets that are accused of being highly liberally slanted. And everything I see tells me this man is dangerous.

We’re all playing the game of the pot calling the kettle black these days, I know. But my question is sincere — I can’t even stand to listen to Trump speak, because he seems to me to be such a deplorable human being, so all the logical arguments and counterarguments still don’t give me any plausible explanation for how someone could look at him and think he is a good person and that he is doing a good job.

So enlighten me, Jere.

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