AWS: Intro to Git

sandeep negi
Oct 21 · 1 min read

most popular source control

it will take care of all your files it will track all the changes made to the file and log everything. To get started

  1. create a folder

mkdir -p ~/code/MyFirstProject

2. Initialized the repository

git init.

this will add the .git folder in the MyFirstProject which will track everything what we do

3. create some file in the same directory


4. put some content in the file you can either use vim for this or you can use any text editor

5. to check the status

git status

it will show that there are untracked file in the repository to track the file

6. git add .

this will add all the files in the staging area now you have commit the changes you have made

7. git commit -m “Added the”

  • m is used to give any message for the commit that you have made

8. To check the logs

git log

this will log everything that you have done