Chilling Chillies

I finished last bit of gift shopping for my upcoming trip back to Iran. Sunny Sunday in Sydney CBD is so inviting that I didn’t want to leave soon and head back home. So I decided to hang around literally like a tourist, walking in Sydney harbour and checking out Sunday market in the Rocks. I loved it. The good thing about being a resident is knowing hidden gems that might be missed by tourists. In this case my fav nearby Tex-Mex restaurant, El Camino. I like the music there and free tortillas of course. While waiting for my tacos to land in front of me. I overheard a couple sitting at the table behind me. The lady “-oh the sauce is too hot!” Her companion “-are you joking? You can’t be serious. This is not considered as a hot chilli sauce”. Then he started lecturing about different types of chillies in the world for a good 10 minutes! Indeed men can be good lecturers. The lady is silent now. I am wondering if she will express her feeling about spicy food again? Do you think she will know which type of chilli is in her sauce now? does she remember how many hot chillies exist in which part of world and use for what purpose? Is she impressed by his knowledge about chillies? I don’t know the answer but I am pretty sure still that sauce is hot for her. And I will start eating my tacos after publishing this post!

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