4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

It’s really weird how long it’s been since I found 4chan. 8 years. I started off on /a/ and posted as “Negi Springfield” from a popular manga about a British mage who taught Japanese schoolgirls. It was really fun having people treat me like I really was the character, even on an Anonymous board. I made what I would call friends on there, but the connections were a bit different than that. It was more like being in a strange sort of family. No where else has that same feeling. Its that feeling that makes it hard to criticize my fellow 4channers for what they do — be themselves. I like the fact that 4chan is not a liberal run place like 90% of the web. Freedom is a good thing. I’ve branched out to the many boards on 4chan — from /x/ to the infamous /b/. Funny enough, I can remember when you could post with a name on /b/. I’ve seen people go nuts on /x/ about the end of the world and aliens. I dont think that can be replaced and I hope the future will be every bit as interesting. Let’s keep doing it…let’s make 4chan great again!

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