The ‘Last Tango in Paris’ star never recovered from her on-screen sex assault.

Judging from her 2007 Daily Mail interview, it is not my imagination the actress Maria Schneider minimizes her on-camera sexual assault in the 1972 classic film Last Tango in Paris. …

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I have been to hip-hop concerts and even book signings for Black male artists I shall not name, and their fans seemed to eat up their aggressive and profanity-laden taunts to the audience. In many earlier cases, I attended those concerts on the campus of my prestigious majority-White alma mater. I was discomforted by how this behavior inflamed young White men to just bob their heads even more and, I guess, practice their swaggers. Most of all, I did not feel safe or supported in such a braggadocio atmosphere.

More recently I have been bothered by how progressive intellectuals remained still and enthralled while watching Black authors rip into heated tirades full of language the men knew a Big Mama or Sunday School teacher would whip their butts for- especially for the sin of carrying on like that “in front of White folks.” I do not understand how this behavior is paid for and satisfying, yet Ms. Hill is condemned for trying new things on stage or just not doing her shows. …

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Juanita Moore in her Golden Globe-nominated performance as “Annie” in Imitation of Life


Actress Juanita Moore is most known for her Golden Globe-nominated performance as “Annie” in the classic Lana Turner and Sandra Dee star vehicle Imitation of Life, a 1959 remake of the original 1934 film based on Fannie Hurst’s novel. The actress to play the part before Moore was Louise Beavers, in what was widely deemed the greatest role a “Negro” actress had ever played up until that time. In both versions, viewers witness the Black mother’s excruciating anguish when her “tragic mulatto” daughter rejects her.

Initially, all is well. One random sunny day at the beach, Moore’s character Annie helps a well-off White widow (Turner) track down her “fass” daughter (Dee). Annie becomes fast friends with the widow and her daughter. Soon, she is not only working for them but living with them in their home. She finds so much favor in the home she can also move in her daughter, Sarah Jane. …


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