The Secret Is Out
Rasmus Filipsen

I just finished reading ENvy’s blog. I’ve been a Secret fan since the whole thing started. I really get what you say Misery, i really do. I had this kind of conversations with my dad (he’s an attourney too) every since i became fan of DotA. We wouold talk about how big the scene was and how Secret (even though my dad didnt knew shit bout it) was a different kind of organization, taht would finally get player what they deserve for all their hard work and dedication. My dad often used to say to me that if the organization was runned by kids and “that turkish guy” it was very likely that they were cutting of money from their players, and that they’ll never knew. He used to say that “he worked as an attourney and used to see that very much often in football (soccer i guess) clubs, EVEN CONSIDERING THAT FOOTBALL PLAYERS HERE (in Argentina, where is very big btw) HAD AN ORGANIZATION WHO LOOKED UP FOR THEIR RIGHT AS WORKERS.
As a DotA player, a Secret fan, but mostly as a fucking hard working person, i really can’t stress enough how mad i am. How broken. 
I hope you guys, all the players he had in every single roaster, find your ways to real organizations who never would do that to a player. I really hope you all guys who are in the scene could came up (SUPPORTED BY VALVE) with an idea for this sort of things that really need to be handled.
I dont know i believe i just raged. Wish you guys good luck, and greeetings from Argentina.

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