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Time really flies by. In the last 18 months, after becoming a Product Manager (hereby referred to as PM) at Google, I have been lucky to guide many newly-minted PMs through career conversations as part of my GuidetheGrad initiative.

In a lot of those conversations, one question has recurred frequently:

Once someone has an offer to join Google as a Product Manager, what factors should they consider for choosing their first Product team?”

To give some context, after you get a PM offer at Google, you will most likely go through a ‘product matching process’. As part of this process, your recruiter connects you with hiring managers across various product teams and subsequently you choose the product that you wish to build and scale. …

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Presenting my first podcast: In this energizing discussion, my very good friend from Columbia Business School, Prateek Jain, and I talk about the essence of the MBA experience, what you can expect to learn, when you should pursue it and under what circumstances you should avoid it.

We often notice that people decide to pursue the MBA degree without adequate preparation and our hope is that this podcast will help you with one of the most important decisions of your life.

Click here to listen to the 24-minute podcast. Hope you enjoy it!

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In my career coaching conversations, multiple people have asked about the Product Management (PM) recruiting experience. Hence, sharing the process and some tips based on my personal experience recruiting for Google.

Most tech companies have an employee referral process. Apparently, the probability of getting a first round interview increases by 30% if your resume comes in through a referral. Hence, apply through a referral. What if you dont know someone at the company? Don’t be shy in reaching out to people. During my recruitment, I reached out to family, alums, friends or even friends of friends (..of friends) to ask if they would be willing to refer me at their respective companies. …

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I was recently interviewed on my end-to-end MBA experience.

Here is the full video. Please see below to jump directly to the questions you care about the most.

Questions [Start time on the video]


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Friend: Hey! So do you know what you are doing after MBA?

Me: Yep, will be working at Google.

Friend: Whoa, Congrats! What role?

Me: Product Manager

Friend: Wait, what? Do you have an Engineering background?

Me: Ermm, nope.

Friend: Then how did you get the offer? Don’t they hire just engineers for this role?

Me: **Rolls the eye**

This exact conversation happened for the 146th time in the last five months. Hence, I thought I might as well write my first Medium article on this topic.

Here’s why I think I got this offer. And if I can do it, I think anyone, even without an Engineering background, can do it. …


Neha Bansal

Believer and Traveler. Product @Google. MBA CBS ’18.

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