Why MBA?

I was recently interviewed on my end-to-end MBA experience.

Here is the full video. Please see below to jump directly to the questions you care about the most.

Questions [Start time on the video]


  1. Why did you want to do an MBA and how did you figure out which schools you wanted to go to? [00:46]
  2. Why did you choose Columbia Business School? [3:25]
  3. How did you discover that you are ready to do an MBA? [4:00]
  4. What was the criteria that you used in researching MBA schools? [5:50]
  5. Although you had a location constraint due to personal reasons, did you ever consider higher ranked schools as Harvard or Wharton? [7:00]
  6. How can prospective students learn more about Columbia Business School, especially those who are based outside the US and are unable to travel? [8:28]
  7. Did you ever reach out students or alumni members from CBS or have a conversation with them about the culture itself? [10:51]
  8. How many CBS students/alumni did you speak with during the application process? What did you learn about CBS then? [11:03]
  9. What do you think you did well in the application process that communicated fit with the school? Please give some examples. [12:48]
  10. How long did you speak with each of these students/alumni in the process of learning about the school? [16:21]


  1. Now that you got into CBS, talk to me about the journey in the first 90 days [17:25]
  2. Talk about how you landed your internship, through networking, in Israel [20:27]
  3. Its not typical that having a coffee conversation, even if its with an alumni, can lead to a job referral. Share a couple of tips on how you can make a coffee chat non-transactional, in order to ask for a recommendation [22:36]
  4. You finished your internship and came back. What was your second year like? What was the experience for Tech recruiting like?
  5. Let’s talk about the opportunities available for internationals in CBS. What kinds of companies come on campus that sponsor visas for internationals? [29:40]
  6. What is your one favorite thing about the Columbia culture? [32:40]

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