Best Free Video Calling Apps For iOS

Many people like video calling and for iOS users FaceTime is the built in app that is available especially for video calling. But using FaceTime only iOS users can have video chats. What if other friends or your family members don’t have iOS device..? Don’t worry we will tell you the best and free video calling apps that can be used across multiple platforms. Following are the best apps that are alternative to Apple’s FaceTime:


The Skype video-calling app is universal and this fact alone gives it huge usefulness. A lot of people and companies are on it. The best feature about Skype is that it can be use for video calls and also clamp as a low cost alternative for international calling.

The interface of Skype is quiet easy to understand and easy to use on whatever platform you are using it on. Skype can be used on the all types of platform and is a great alternative to FaceTime for video chats. You will need a Skype account to use the app but after Microsoft’s purchase of Skype back in 2011 you can also use other accounts to sign in into Skype such as Microsoft’s accounts.


Facebook introduced Messenger in 2011. Messenger is the app that allows you instant chat on a variety of different platforms. Video calling is the new feature of this app so functionality is limited. But if you want to chat with your Facebook friend then Facebook Messenger will prove to be very useful way of communication with them. You will need a Facebook account to use the app.

Google Hangouts

Google plus, a social media platform of Google took an interesting step when it risked into the world of messaging via Google Hangouts. As you can judge by the name, Google designed this platform to allow people to “hang out” together. This app is available on all devices and can also be used on the desktops and android devices.

You can use Hangouts to make a video call with 10 people simultaneously that makes it a very useful app to have on iOS. People who use android usually have it pre-installed on their Smartphone. In order to use Hangouts both of you should have Google accounts and you should be linked with Hangouts via Google plus account.


Viber is a very famous app that allows you to text and calls your friends and family easily. This app works on various platforms and let you use the functionality of phone on a non-cellular device. If you are setting it up on your iPad or iPod touch then you will need a mobile phone too in order to get it activated. The reason behind it is that Viber works on mobile number and not on user id or password. If you want a full guide or explanations check out the Viber’s Website.

Once you have created and logged into your Viber account, you will be able to see all your contacts through the app and you can easily have video chat with them.


Tango have been designate as the one of the best video calling apps by the many tango users and it’s all because of its simple, well-designed and easy-to-use interface. You can even import your Facebook friends and phone’s contact list in Tango.

Tango has a feature that allows you to meet people who are nearby and have a conversation with them. You can even join a public chat room to join a conversation. This fun feature allows you to interact with more people and make new friends.

If you want to use tango you should have an account and should have app downloaded on your device. And you should be above 17 to download the app.


If you really hate ads in your apps and want an ad free app then you should go for imo. The imo provides free video calling without ads. Using this app you can have group chats and even make voice calls. One of its features is that it has a lot of different stickers which you can use while chatting to make your conversation more live.

This app requires you to sign in into the imo account and your friend also needs the app and a valid account in order to join in the conversation.


WeChat was introduced in January 2011 and grew in popularity recently. The app’s wide range of features have helped in its popularity grow sharply in certain parts of world. The app remains popular in UK for messaging and video calling. This app requires you to sign in and will require the recipient to also on WeChat app.


ooVoo is very popular among youngsters to chat with each other. You can have multiple video calls on different platforms is the feature that makes ooVoo special. This app also allows you to communicate easily with your friends and family no matter where they are in the world.

This app is not liked by parents who are worried about their child’s privacy and safety as this app have default settings that gives a lot of information to the strangers.


WhatsApp works by evaluating your phone’s contacts and allowing you to chat to them for free. Full video calling is not yet available on WhatsApp but is coming very soon. But you can send short videos to your friends and family.

One need a phone number in order to make the app work that is not entirely ideal for iPad and iPod users, that’s the biggest limitation of WhatsApp. But you can find third party apps such as Messenger+, which provides you with means of WhatsApp on iPad.

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Originally published at on February 19, 2016.

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