How to Fix Disabled Ethernet Issue on Mac

A minor kernel extension update for OS X was issued by Apple that had a bug which disabled Ethernet. And if you are among the ones facing the same issue, then don’t worry Apple have fixed that issue. After installing this update if you still have problem with Ethernet then Apple have a support article for Troubleshooting and fixing your disabled Ethernet.

Check if you have installed the Update with bug

If your Wi-Fi and Ethernet both are working at same time then there are chances that you don’t have noticed that your Ethernet connection is not working anymore. So you should check if the update was installed on your Mac by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the System Information App. Open Applications > Utilities or you can hold down the Option key and select Apple menu > System Information.
  2. Now tap on the Software Header in the left column to expand it. And select Installations.
  3. Now click on the Software Name Header present in the list of the top section of the main window to alphabetize that list.
  4. Now search for “Incomplete Kernel Extension Configuration Data” in the Software Name Column. And note the version.

If the version is 3.28.1, that means you have installed the update with bug and your Ethernet is currently disabled. And now you will have to install a new version to get rid of this problem.

Fix update using Wi-Fi

You will use your Wi-Fi for installing the update. Connect your Mac to your Wi-Fi network and follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Terminal. And to launch it, open Applications > Utilities.
  2. Now enter the following in terminal, and to avoid error it’s better to copy and paste.

sudo softwareupdate –background

Now the Incompatible Kernel Extension Configuration Data will be updated to the version 3.28.2 and your problem should be resolved. Your Ethernet should be working now.

Fix update without Internet

If you don’t have Wi-Fi then fix is very complicated. You will have to boot into recovery mode using the disk utility to mount your Mac’s internal drive by running terminal and entering a command to fix the Ethernet after which you have to restart your Mac. After following this whole procedure you still have to use Ethernet connection to get the fixed Update. If you want to know more than Apple has full instructions.

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Originally published at on March 3, 2016.