How PubG is affecting your real life

Neha Maheshwari
Dec 27, 2018 · 3 min read

“Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds,” or “PubG” is one of the most popular games that everyone is crazy about these days. It’s audience is not just limited to school or college going students. It has become the favourite time pass for the age group between 25–40 years around the globe.

PubG is an online multiplayer shooter game that allow for solo or team play. It drops 100 players at a time into the enclosed space on the map where the player should scavenge for weapons ,medical supplies and other resources in an effort to be the last player standing and getting “Chicken dinner”. Yes, thats what a winner team is called in PubG the “winner chicken dinner”. Let’s see how PubG affects you in real life?

Gaming is usually disliked by parents as time wasting activity and worse, some education experts believes that it can corrupt the brain. It can affect the young people in a way it can make them violent, aggressive or commit anti-social behaviour. Everything in limit is good but if it gets in excess it can really poison your life even the oxygen. Never make anything your addiction even this super game PubG.

Research has shown that games can have positive and negative influences on the player.

The positive effect of the PubG

You don’t have to be in front of PC to play this game.This can be played on the mobile phone as well irrespective where you are.

When you play PubG with your friends as a team ,you can talk to them and can stay in contact that makes the whole gaming experience enjoyable.That’s really a very nice thing.

It can make you respond faster as you have to concentrate and do many things altogether in the game.It can also help you in distracting your mind from negative thoughts.Some of my friends are all into this PubG game as they don’t have girlfriends/boyfriends :) or any other interesting hobby/distraction .Instead of staying depressed ,they plunge themselves into PubG game to stay distracted from negative feelings.

The negative effects of PubG

It is quite an addictive game and you can’t sleep while playing this.You end up wasting hell lot of time on PubG.And also, you not only spend your time on playing but also on watching others on streaming channel and youtube.

This addictive video game in turn can make a person anti social.One of my friends is so into this game all the time that even when we go out in a group outside for food, travel or any other activity he is always involved in PubG on his mobile phone .In a way we are together but still disconnected from him as he is involved in his own world and least interested in socially interacting with friends in fruitful conversations.This addiction has the power to misbalance your personal and professional life.

Also,people who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, and decreased helping others.

All i can suggest at the end is Just don’t make this battleground game your addiction and avoid disharmony in your life.

Neha Maheshwari

Written by

I work for Expedia as Technical Program Manager.In my free time i like surfing Netflix , enjoy travelling to new places with friends and devour good food :)

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