How Can You Re-kindle Romance

Once very often, life can get monotonous, and your romance can take a hit. You know then that it is time to take action, but with your hectic office schedule, and no leaves, you are bound, actually not. Head to Chattarpur, at V Resorts Farm Stay Delhi which is a truly one-of-a-kind getaway, in that it provides a countryside-like refuge in the middle of a city as busy as Delhi. When you need a break from the monotony of work and travel and more work, and need to catch up on some lost time in your love life, it is here that you can escape, and find yourself surprisingly secluded from the usual noise and bustle. Catch up on conversations, know each other better, or just share some unique memories with our activities specially desgined for couples. Whatever may bring you here, one thing is for sure; you’ll leave here closer than ever, with a truckload of experiences indelibly etched onto memory:

Humayuns Tomb -flickr

Picnic By The Fountain

Pack a picnic to the landscaped gardens, and share a relaxed meal by the fountain in the sprawling lawns. You may choose to read, chit-chat or just unwind and let your hair down, basking in the bright sunny day.

Bonfire And Barbecue


Enjoy a bonfire and barbeque in the evening, away from the dust and din of the city. Start a conversation, sing a song or just lay back in grateful silence.

Al-Fresco Dinner

V Resorts Farm Stay Delhi has acres of landscaped scenic gardens. Have a very special private meal here with lit lanterns, green view, the sound of water and just your beloved for company.

Bonsai Walk

Take a tour of the garden and its acclaimed collection of bonsai plants. The farm has an eclectic collection of bonsai specimens that are acclaimed and highly-awarded and an early morning walk will tell you why. More than the plants though, the chance to walk hand-in-hand through lush greenery is something that shouldn’t be missed for anything.

Outdoor Tea & Breakfast

The resort staff has prepared an attractive outdoor setup for some early morning tea and breakfast. Take along your loved one, sit and admire the views, and have a light meal amidst cooll breeze. Get to know each other better, or just share a comfortable silence, the experience is a joyous commemoration of love.

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