10 Things Women can learn from Men

Disclaimer: With men here, I am aiming towards the lot of secure, happy men; the likes of which may make it to lead roles in RomCom movies. Any reference to the violent and chauvinist breed is unintended and purely coincidental!

1. Be Cool – Everything works out fine at the end. Have you seen men sob on a burnt dress or get anxious about a bug infestation? Have you seen your fathers evidently worried about their lent money? Men are generally cool. They don’t stress themselves. They don’t usually like to do anything that’s not necessary (read bathing), so the lazy bums don’t bother themselves with the
2. “What you doing?” “Nothing” – Men can spend their entire afternoon doing nothing. They don’t always have a plan. These thick skinned species are not stung hard by the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) bug, as it’s called. They can lie in their bed watching videos or browsing the net without an inch of guilt, knowing that the laundry or trying that new restaurant can wait forever! Take my word, being laidback turns out quite peaceful many a times.
3. Let Go – The other day I asked my friend “What’s up?” and he jokingly responded “All is good; you tell me, your life is full of events and if there isn’t an event, you create one! Ha Ha”
While I threw a quirky line back at him; what he said made some sense. I can be better at letting go of small things. Sometimes taking a pause makes you realize certain things are insignificant
for your time and peace; so let go!
4. Play a sport – Sports is refreshing. A competition that’s meaningful to you, keeps your focus on the present - that very moment. Being completely involved in the moment is quite a feeling. I know folks who meditate for that. A sport keeps you passionate with practically nothing
to lose! After a sport, you spend some time either living the sweet victory or thinking what went wrong. Either of the two sound like a jolly break from the worldly matters.
5. Be the uncensored you – Men seem simple. They have a Yes or a No and they prefer saying that out loud. They are vocal about their likes and dislikes. For them you are either “Pretty” in that dress or you are a “Sack”. There is no scope of “This is good, but…” They have a simple vocabulary. Seldom might they have broken expectations when it comes to us reading them because they don’t leave a lot to be read between the lines. A lot of mind game is put to rest when you speak what’s on your mind and don’t expect telepathic connections.
So that’s about it! When I started writing this article, I overestimated things we can learn from men. Turns out there are just five! So the title was a lure.
Next up is things men can learn from women.
Just kidding, an article would not suffice to that! ;)