Find Skin Care Tips for Holi Festival.

The largest organ of the body is also the most sensitive one. Yes, here we are talking about skin. A skin talks volumes about the way we handle our body and selves. So taking utmost care of our skin in daily life is really important. After all it is the first thing that a person notices in any one. 
Also certain festivals like holi in India can be a disaster for your skin if mandatory precautions are not taken before playing holi. Taking proper skin care in holi celebrations now a days is even more important due to availability of various types of chemically processed colors in markets these days. So ensure complete skincare on holi and enjoy this festival to the fullest. 
Just before holi festival people hunt for answers on how to protect skin from holi colors. So here are some of the best skin and hair care tips for holi.

Yes the oil works

Apply oil all over the body and hair to form a protective layer against the colors of holi. You can use coconut, castor or olive oil before playing holi. Applying oil will ensure that minimum color gets stuck to your skin. Also it will be easier to remove colors while bathing after holi.

Drink plenty of water
Holi is celebrated at the time when it starts getting really hot. So the best way to keep your skin and body hydrated is by drinking plenty of water. So ensure that you are not only drenched with water from outside but have plenty of it inside your body as well.
Cover yourself up

Wear dark color clothes because obviously you don’t want to turn heads with your skin show in a light colored clothes. Secondly wearing full length clothes will ensure that your minimum skin is exposed to colors.

Tie up those locks

Leaving hair open in holi could prove to be a disaster for your hair. It could leave your hair feeling dry and damaged. So tying your hair makes sense. Also you can cover your hair with a bandana if it is short. 
Now these were some of the basic and natural skin and hair care tips for holi. These tips for skin care in holi will ensure that you celebrate this festival with great happiness. 
Now we all know that making that extra effort to protect will go a long way in keeping your skin radiant and healthy. So here are some more holi safety tips:

Use natural colors
Now a day the market is loaded with organic colors, so use them. Also request your friends and family to use these natural colors while playing holi. Do not use chemical colors for small kids at all as they have a very sensitive skin. Instead you can use turmeric if you do not have natural colors.

Avoid using contact lenses and specks

Keep those lenses and specks away for a day. After all you don’t want accidental and unwanted surprises on holi. Also people have this habit of surprising their loved ones by suddenly applying colors on face, so just avoid specks and lenses for good. 
These skin care tips before holi celebrations will ensure that you enjoy this festival to the fullest
Now for the tips for you to end holi festival in a safe manner

Stay away from harsh soaps and detergents

Yes the colors are tough to come out be that doesn’t mean you should be tough on your skin too. Do not make desperate attempts to use harsh detergent soaps or soaps that contain alkaline because it will dry out your skin. Instead use oil to remove excess colors from your body. You can use scrub lightly to take our excess oil and color while bathing.

Apply moisturizers thoroughly.

Your skin is really tried after so much of play so time to pamper it with a good moisturizer and keep it hydrated by applying it whenever your skin feels dry. 
So these were some of the most useful pre and post skin care tips for holi. Ensure a thorough skin before and after holi so that this festival becomes a joyful memory for the future. 
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Hair & Skin Care for Holi is of utmost importance. So make your best efforts to protect your skin and hair before and after holi and enjoy this festival of colors to the fullest.

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