There is No Holi Without Gulal

Holi without gulal is considered incomplete. This colorful powder has been used during holi festival and other important Indian ritual for ages. There are various Indian songs that signify the importance of gulal. When you hear any Indian holi song you will always find the word gulal in it. Such is the importance of gulal in holi festival. The process of holi shopping starts from buying gulal and then the rest items follow in the list.

Buying gulal online is a smart step

So buying lots of gulal in holi festival makes sense. After all how are you going to celebrate this festival of colors without colors? The market is loaded with various colors but you need to take out that extra time to go out and do that shopping for holi gulal powder. In this hectic life already people are loaded with so many tasks to be completed in one single day that going out in the market and buying that powder is an added pain. Especially when you have to buy it and then present it to someone staying far from you. So do not waste time in going out and hunting for gulal, packing them in a presentable manner and then getting them delivered through some postal or courier service. This sounds like too much of leg work in today’s world filled with hectic chores in daily life. So buy holi gulal online and make your life easy.

Play safe this holi with natural holi colors

While market is loaded with different synthetic colors it is best to use organic holi colors. After all you don’t want to land up into any kind of mess or bring trouble to yourself or your loved ones with the side effects of synthetic colors.

Especially when it comes to kids and people with sensitive skin as they are susceptible to harmful synthetic colors. So buying that natural gulal this holi is only going to add a different feeling of excitement to the joy of celebrating holi.

IGP is the best place to find holi gift ideas

Thinking of buying holi gulal online? Then is the place to be. This site is loaded with various holi gulal colors and many more gift ideas for holi. The gifts include gulal powder, organic colorful powder, water guns and pichkari, balloons, sweets like gujia, doda barfi, kaju katri and many more holi gift items

Also you can please yourself or your loved ones this holi by purchasing bath essentials especially curated on IGP. These are hampers that include scrubs, creams, shower gels, scented body wash, loofah. This will help your loved ones end the festival on a high note.

Apart from this the site offers a plethora of gifting ideas for birthdays, anniversaries or to express emotions like thank you, sorry, congratulations and so on. The site has segregated gifts as per gender, personality type for people to select products without any confusion. You can select gifts like fragrant flowers, delicious cakes, hampers, personalized gift ideas and impress your loved ones any time of the day.

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