How to get your original artistic and literary work protected

Piracy is a major problem Worldwide and it does affect the industries like software, television and movies.Being the creator of some artistic work, definitely you would not want it to be used by someone else in the public. Isn’t it??? Of course your answer would be YES. But many people are unaware about the whole process. Let’s summarize it very concisely so that you can be the sole owner of your work. What exactly is this tool or process? This protective layer is termed as copyright. Yes! You need to get the copyright for your efforts and hard work. Fundamentally, Copyright is the law which gives you the complete ownership for the things you have created. It may be a painting, novel, poem, music or photograph. Once, you get your work copyrighted you are bestowed with several exclusive rights, such as.

ü Right to reproduce the work

ü Preparing the derivative work

ü Distributing the copies of original work

ü Showcasing the work in general public.

The rights provided under copyright cannot be violated without the consent of the copyright holder. No copies of your work can be made if the content is not in public domain. . Further, if some content is posted on Internet it does not necessarily permits you to copy the same without the owner’s permission.Inversely, if your work is not registered or it has no commercial value it does not come under protected zone.

Is it necessary to get the copyright registered?

It is always advisable to get the registration done as it serves as a prima facie confirmation of the complete information which is contained in the registration if there is any kind of dispute.

Works protected under copyright laws

  • Literary
  • Dramatic
  • Musical
  • Artistic
  • Sound recordings
  • Cinematographic

Copyright infringement is also very much prevalent in India and several people are losing millions of bucks every year to combat privacy.

Registration and Publication

If you are a right holder you can easily apply for the registration of your published as well as unpublished content. For getting the copyright registered you need to prepare the documents and file the application. The copyright owner or his representative can file this application with the registrar of copyrights. For every separate work you need to apply separately. Notice is to be given to every individual having interest in the subject matter of the work being copyrighted. Once you file this application, the Registrar will examine the application and it will take around 8 to 12 months for getting it done. Generally, the tenure for copyright protection is 60 years in India. Ideas are normally not protected by copyrights. That means until you bring your idea into tangible form you cannot have any kind or protection.

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