Nexus Has Now Become Pixel

Rumour has it that Google will ditch it’s “nexus” branding this year and replaced it with “Pixel”. While we are now aware that HTC has already made new devices for Google by rebranding the HTC sailfish and marlin into Pixel and Pixel Xl based on the screen size.It has been officially launched in October first week.

These phones now have the special Android 7.1 that is major Android Nougat update that includes software elements and features exclusive to the two new phones and Daydream VR.

The Pixel branding has so far been used for Chromebooks and a tablet of Google’s design. The Launch of Pixel-monikered phone would certainly help to tie all of the search giant’s hardware together so we are eager to see the more in-house effort on the phone has a negative or positive impact.

The new features would include a new launcher and a new google assistant in the new home screen, and you can see a hidden customized menu.

In terms of prices, reportedly the cost would be around 33,295 and 39,968 respectively.This is Google’s effort to bring it’s brand at the forefront.

The main motive behind ditching the nexus brand name is to contol everything right from software to the design and manufacture.

With the official launching of these devices, many brands are selling the phone covers for these phone models.And the mobile is yet to come to the market by 20th October.With trend of mobile covers being used for fashion and style,the brands are targeting to sell their phone covers.You can also find mobile accessories online for these both models.

One of the brand called Happoz is having a huge collection of these phone covers.Have a look at this site to get super cool phone covers for these two new pixel devices.And I have already purchased all the mobile accessories online for this new device.

And try to use good phone covers to make sure your phone is well protected.There are also hundreads of mobile covers designs available for this phone model.

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