When Uxer gets philosophical


Coming up with a name for your freelance business is a tedious task. One thing I have observed, it is always tough to design for yourself, just like, doctors do not operate their relatives. Because, personal emotions get in between of the professional work.

So I am struggling to figure out a name. Then I thought, oh! let me call myself a brand. Then the whole story began. Wow! seriously who am I? What are my unique qualities? Are those qualities or just traits?

This is when my brain started giving me philosophical speech. “Who are you? You have started so many new chapters in your life, yet you cannot really tell in words, who you are! The only answer you get: I’am still discovering myself. The journey never ends, the journey of self discovery…

Woaahh! Stop! Dear brain. or should I continue?

One thing I realised during all this confused, overwhelmed conversation with my own brain, that, we are not a single thing! Man made objects can be defined with few adjectives. Humans are above that. We have so many angles to our personality, some of which we are yet to try, yet to discover!

Defining a human as a brand, is actually, downgrading the rich personality traits he/she has! Let’s not get restricted by a few words which can define us. Lets continue to be human! Lets keep discovering ourselves till the end!