Don’t Crib, Just Quit!

Are you sick of people who are constantly pissing you off or may be constantly trying to convert you? BLAH… BLAH.. BLAH!

I bet you don’t feel like haggling up with life, isn’t it?

If YES is the answer to my endless questions, then I think you e-hit the right person!

So, you don’t bother what people are thinking and how they are reacting to, because you know what “You Don’t Care”, as simple as that!

But… but… but keeping a carefree nature won’t let your heart set on peace, Right?

You must be wondering about how to deal with those creepy situations and the big time buggers, no fear because I’m here!

Anyways, I made a list of how to deal with some silly never-wanted homo sapiens, So here you go:

  • Ignorance is the best way to keep yourself happy, because wasting your prized-mind over some fools is what they don’t deserve. Giving No Attention is the best medicine, I bet you!
  • Whenever you feel like you can’t take it anymore, sit back and take a deep rooted fresh air cause if this won’t let go off your anger, then I am dead sure, this would definitely help you to get a glowy skin. Won’t believe, it’s tried and tested trust me.
  • At office hours, try to keep yourself mingled up doing nothing, cause this yes… this would lead you to a safer state of peace, if you are a lady like me than “Nothing Concrete Came Out Yet”. Joking.
  • Keep on laughing not loudly, but yes, secretly, give your foes a wicked smile, cause you’re a monster and you love it. Like it’s said laughter is the best medicine so gulp this medicine right now! Open your mouth say aaaaa, OK done!

What’s more, in the list, you can go chill with your buddies if your pocket allows Oops ☹ else you can write like me man! arrrr!

Hey you, yes you, do whatever your heart says, but please please please don’t bind your inner soul, let it fly, cause sky is the only limit!

OK, I drove home some free stress busting tips. Scout out for more tips coming soon.

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