Five things people say when you go anti-Kajal!

I bet, if you put Kajal on daily basis, you must have had the time to put sleazy Kajal first, except for the rest of the cosmetics!

For those raven days when you go out without putting your bosom buddy-KAJAL, you must have to deal with those odd looks by your friends and co-workers and that criticism which lead to wear Kajal from the very next day.

Presenting the five top most provoking reactions when you go out sans Kajal:

  1. You must be sick, no!

You: Noooo! I think I’m tired of you!

2. Have you put on weight???

You: You must be kidding me? Ain't you arghhh!

3. You started looking Ugly again…eeew!

You: Look who’s talking…blahahah!

4. Is everything OK?

You: Yes, Except for you!

5. Want to lend my kajal?

You: Bit*h Please.

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