What Makes Your Dad “World’s Best Dad”?

Almost everyone of you must have read a lot about mommies, but let’s not deny that it took two to bring you into this world! So on this Father’s day let’s summon some touching facts that makes your dad stand out.

1) Mr. Coconut: Same as coconut, your dad is absolute soft inside but damn tough from outside.

2) Your ATM: Ah! This is something you can lie on! Admit it, he is your lifeline no matter if he pays for your education or for partying, he is your ultimate Bank for all time.

3) The Shield: No matter if your a son or a daughter, his care remains same regardless gender. He is your lifetime super hero! Won’t agree? Check your calls’ log ;)

4) The Secret keeper: Unlike mom, they never easily express their love and affection, but deep down there is a father’s heart which is full of compassion and loaded with love.

5) The Caretaker: If you are married or living too far from your dad, the signal of care never gets down. Your father is your tower of strength.

6) Your Idol Man: To all adorbs and to all gents, your father tops the list of your Idols. Isn’t it?

7) Bit Annoying: And those Tech-conversations and cross questionings…Ughhh!

8) Guiding Light: He is your helping hand no matter, if your taking an idea of metro route or about career!

9) The Smile in Your Face: This is exactly what happens when you see him happy.

10) Gave us life: On top of all, he gave us the most precious gift “LIFE”.

Father’s Day is hopefully a time when the culture says, ‘This is our moment to look at who our men and boys are.’
– Michael Gurian

Happy Father’s day to all Dads around the globe!

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