“All the news we hope to print.”

Visual culture is everything that is seen, that is produced to be seen, and the way in which it is seen and understood. It is that part of the culture that communicates through visual means. Vision, ways of seeing, is a cultural interpretation, which is learned and refined and not simply given by the nature. For example, we’ve all seen pictures related to church numerous times here or there and feel normal after seeing them, but when you actually go and visit that particular church, you’re almost astonished the way it has been made, it’s intricate designing, its overall structure and in seconds you change your opinion about it.

We are bombarded with images of visual culture in our daily lives, whether we are paying attention or not, these images have a profound influence on the choices we make and the way we view the world. Being able to navigate this sea of visual media by deconstructing images so that we may comprehend the messages embedded within them will help us to think critically and better understand the world in which we live.

So thus, both visual culture and design impacts us in a huge way and is inevitable.

I identified different elements in the visual cultures that surround us and the things in our visual culture that we interact with on a day to day basis.The element that I identified were newspapers. The newspaper that I decided to work on was ‘Dawn’ because of its historical significance in Pakistan. After the independence of Pakistan and India, our newspapers published news that had a positive impact on our society and the minds of the people. In Pakistan today due to the political, economic and social instability in the country the people of Pakistan have developed a strong sense of negativity. It has had a huge impact on the abilities of the people. One of the major sources that have resulted in this negativity is newspapers. In 21st century Pakistan wherever you look be it social media, news channels or newspapers, negativity surrounds us everywhere and all the time.

Visual culture has strong impacts on the people because as Nicholas Mirzoeff said “It’s not just a part of our everyday life, it’s your everyday life”

As a result of my investigation regarding visual culture and its impact on the people in society I came up with a new version of Dawn newspaper — “All the news we hope to print.”

Visually, the aesthetics remain the same but once you actually start reading the headlines you are in shock. The content reflects all the issues regarding our country that has affected society in a way that not many people think about but here’s the twist, it does not portray that negativity that one may imagine he would read but its the news that one hopes to hear with a slight touch of sarcasm in a new Pakistan that Quaid-E-Azam had hoped for.

The sarcastic advertisements depict the journalism comunity who have fed the minds of the people with news that has infected them in a way from where there is no return.

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