Are Chatbots better than Manual Live Chat to generate leads for Real Estate Builder?

Real estate business spends a lot on marketing of their project, be it the ones who are already established or the one who are newbies. Even after spending a hefty amount on marketing, buyers don’t just visit their projects directly, they first see their website and make an impression of their project. Hence real estate project have introduced Live Chat for their buyers on their websites, so they don’t lose potential buyers due to lack of information. The intent of Live Support is (should be) to provide answers which are not available on the website. As project websites are very crucial to generate leads and sales, builders try to accommodate as much information as possible in the website itself. The project website gives a good high level view of the project answering all the obvious questions, but many questions remain unanswered which a buyer need answers to before buying or considering a project.

Live Chat could be very powerful and act as a virtual salesman in giving information and providing answers to the buyers. Live Chat also enables users to ask all their doubts without hesitation and thus increase interest in the project. But manual live chat lacks all these powerful features and become good to have instead of must have feature.

Manual Live Chat Slow Response increases frustration:

The fun of chat is it’s instant. We prefer Chat because there is no wait time, but the Live Chat feature many sites offer are only instant with greetings. Rest they just hang you up their like the olden days. The only good part is you are not holding the receiver and heat up your ear.

Manual Live Chat lacks information about the project :

There are maybe 10 questions which they can answer for you. But if you want to ask anything beyond these then they are going to disappoint you and promise a call back from sales guy. But then why do we need live chat, isn’t a form leaving our contact information not good enough?

Manual Live Chat lacks 24/7 Support :

Foreign buyers form an important group for real estate builders. Live Chat could be very helpful to global buyers and generate some serious leads for the builders. But most of the live chat provided are during business hours. This leads to loss of a business opportunity.

Manual Live Chat are more Expensive less Effective :

There is a good cost attached with the Live Chat feature and the lost opportunity due to unsatisfied buyer makes the Live Chat feature pretty unattractive deal.

Chatbots can help Real Estate to overcome all these challenges

Real Estate Chatbots, a virtual assistant which is a software program designed for real estate developers and have prebuilt database consisting all the minute details about the project, from bathroom fittings to builder credibility. These virtual assistants can be integrated with both Facebook and Website, and thus become a powerful sales and marketing tool. Social media marketing is helping a great deal by giving access to buyers profile and helping builders in personalised sales and marketing. Chatbots are the latest buzz and cool to interact with, once buyers chat with them, they like to engage with these bots repeatedly. Being a software program, they are always available and provide instant answers.

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