Case Study : How Kenyt Real Estate Chatbot is generating leads

The concept or introduction of Chatbots is still new to many and especially for those who are not much interested in AI and the new technology. Though there are discussions that Chatbots would be as popular as apps, some even claim that they will replace apps, there is still a big part of computer savvy population who are not even accustomed by the term “Chatbot”.

Real Estate Sector is one of them. Businesses are receptive of the idea to have a software instantly responding to their buyers questions round the clock and thus generating leads. But the bottleneck is unawareness about Chatbots. At Kenyt, we explain our clients about the use of Chatbots and how it can replace their manual live chat and real estate builders happily agree to implement it with their website and facebook page.

One such builder is Vera Gold Mark, who is the among early adopters of Kenyt Chatbots. Today I would just highlight few points how Vera Gold Mark is successfully generating leads with the Chatbots.

Digital Marketing to promote chat on Facebook and Website :

  • Facebook marketing message promotes “chat with the robot” and buyers like to try it and project visibility increases.
  • Facebook ad campaign are designed to Chat with Robot and ask any question also lead to more clicks on Facebook Ads.
  • Twitter and SMS are also helping builder to promote the chatbot and find out details of the project through Chatbot.

Come across as Transparent, Honest and Professional Builder :

  • Buyers biggest concern is to find a trustworthy builder and project. When builders provide all the answers regarding project be it pricing, delivery dates, construction site photos, interest of buyer increases and generate leads.
  • Builder is seen as much more professional since Chatbots provide 24/7 consistent customer support.
  • Writing is more powerful than speaking, every minute detail written in the form of chat from the builder places builder as honest and unbiased.

Chatbots help Sales team to Personalise Sales Strategy :

  • Facebook Chat gives access to buyers profile, sales team use this data to refine their sales strategy and highlight the features of the project in which buyer might be more interested.
  • A chatbot is not only useful for buyers but for sales members too. A quick look at the chat snippet with the buyer prepare help sales team sell more effectively.
  • Chatbot also act as a learning tool to the new employees of the project.

Attract International buyers without increasing customer care cost:

  • A chatbot is 24/7 available which help global buyers to enquire the project in their own timeline with ease.
  • Customer care support during non business hours is fairly expensive, Chatbots help businesses to save money but not lose buyers.

Chat Analysis and Dashboard :

  • Kenyt provides you a dashboard where businesses can see chat duration, hours when most number of users are active, etc.
  • Businesses use this data to target their marketing efforts and increase their marketing effectiveness and save on marketing budget.

How to get a Chatbot for your Real Estate Project?

It’s pretty simple. Visit our website and leave us a message. Check out our demo on Facebook and we can work with you to create a chatbot for your real estate project.