First Week

My first week of GSoC has been really exciting. I have been able to setup my testing environment for the project. Contributing code to webservices task was a challenging task. People from my team helped me in setting up the toolsbeta environment on my computer.

After a week or so, I finally started writing code. Pheww :)

My first task was pretty easy though. After solving the task, I spent two days trying to verify if my solution is correct or not. Finally, asked my mentor and it turns out that the solution was really that simple.

In the first week, I learnt the following:

  1. Working with remote machines
  2. Brushed up my python skills
  3. Read source code and documentation of the project webservices

What’s next?

My next target would be to work on the following:

  1. Creating man pages for webservices and webservice runner
  2. Reading default arguments from ~/.webservicerc

Need to speed up my work to complete all the tasks listed in my proposal, maybe more!