Want — -Children — — Need — — -Time

What children want? A mystery to be resolved. A question to be answered in the current times. How many of us actually ponder over the wants of children? I believe, all of us who are reading this. Every day we plan the needs of our children. New clothes, more books, maximum toys, birthday preparations, IIT planning, a doctorate degree and there is no full stop to the wants of children. However have we actually thought what is the need of the hour for our children? On a serious note, we have been constantly dwelling into the wants of children which differ from the needs of children.

My dear parents, the most important need of the hour is to give quality time to children. And all of us would agree that at least once in a day we do use this statement- “Come on baby, hurry up, I have no time.” Do we actually realize that what deposits we are making in their memory banks? Let me share with you what are we investing. We are continuously saving the statement in their bright brains that “my parents are good for nuts”. Some of you must be laughing but I am scared because this investment will not yield good returns. The interest is highly taxing in our lives.

Friends, I am also a parent and I realized that current station is a metro station when I was called for a parenting session in my child’s school. The class teacher told me that my son was asked to speak a few lines on the topic “My Mother”. And this is what he spoke- “My Mother ah … un… mmmmm, my mother has no time. My six year old boy left me embarrassed and ashamed. One week passed by and I did not gather the energy to ask a question from him. On a Sunday afternoon, I took him for a movie and on the way back gathered all my courage to ask him as to why did he say such lines about me. He impeccably answered you have no time for me mom”. I have been speechless since then and have been called for parenting and counselling sessions to his school every Sunday morning.

Imagine the returns I would be expecting twenty years down the line. I realized that the retro station is history where the societal demands were not at its peak, so the parents would get away a few times without spending time with their children. This metro world is undergoing umpteen changes overnight. We as parents think that we are trying our best to cope up with the speed of the changing environment but trust my instincts, we all our fools. We are unable to match the needs of our children. We do not spend time, we do not play games, we do not go for picnics, we do not even have one meal together and then on top of this, we authoritatively say “No”. Is it not interesting? And the worst scenario is if we go out for family lunch/dinner, then we do not try to escape from our techno savvy world.

Wake up all Moms & Dads, it is about time we concentrate on the needs of children. Wants can be looked after by the big bucks but no buck can buy a cent of time lost. It’s a warning to all the parents otherwise you will also be undergoing parenting sessions on a Sunday morning as a punishment.
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