Be a ‘MARIO’

Why should you believe yourself?

What is the need to believe yourself?

What legacy will be created by believing yourself?

I seriously do not know….

However , what I do know is why should I believe myself.

Let me share with my lovely readers.

Have you ever seen or played the MARIO game? I am sure most of us have been great lovers of MARIO.

How does a MARIO jump? We think we are making the MARIO jump at the click of our finger ,however MARIO jumps and conquers every obstacle because of the belief that we want to and we will win the game.

Similarly,is the story of our lives. The moment we start believing ourselves, we are able to connect the dots of our lives. Steve Jobs believed himself, Oprah Winfrey believed herself and that is why she was able to build up ‘Angel’. Why go to western nations? Gandhi believed in himself, Govinda believed in himself. The destiny, the future cannot be predicted but the belief in ourselves can definitely shape the destiny if not change it.

Am I sounding Greek? Not really….

Shake yourself, rise and shine. Become a MARIO and see the magic.

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