— in conversation with Shaimaa Lazem

On one of SIGCHI’s recent AMAs someone asked us anonymously: “What is SIGCHI doing to promote research in Africa?” In that same week, in a conversation with Shaimaa Lazem, the founding chair of the Cairo SIGCHI chapter, we (Shaimaa and Neha) discussed how this chapter came into being (2.5 …

“Every year, hundreds of associate chairs (ACs) on the ACM CHI program committee (PC) struggle to identify and onboard reviewers, who in turn spend days making sense of the CHI reviewing process. In our *unofficial* reviewing guide (intended to be a living, community-sourced document), we provide a comprehensive list of questions to ask ourselves (and hold others accountable with), in our roles as reviewers, authors, ACs, and subcommittee chairs (SCs) — both new and experienced. …

At our second AMA, Shaowen Bardzell and I/Neha Kumar took (and posed) questions about community, equity, and inclusion, and Andrew Kun moderated excellently. A recording of our session is available on this YouTube link*. Some threads continued from the past AMA while other new ones were introduced. Shaowen and I summarize these below. And if you’d like to read more about why the SIGCHI Executive Committee is doing these AMAs, here’s a link to our introductory post.

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We began with introductions: we have both been SIGCHI VPs at Large since July 2019. In this role, Neha has been overseeing various community support mechanisms at the global level, such as our travel awards, the SIGCHI development fund, the Voices of SIGCHI section on this Medium publication, etc., and Shaowen has been spearheading various initiatives related to equity and diversity in our community, including working with a group of experienced and well-respected volunteers to establish SIGCHI CARES. …


Neha Kumar

Assistant Prof at Georgia Tech; Chair of ACM Future of Computing Academy; SIGCHI Vice President at-Large

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