Amal blog#6

This is my story with the Pomodoro technique. Before I begin, I wanted to mention that this is actually a technique I have been using albeit in a different manner. What I do is, every weekend I try to do work that I have been putting off through the week. In order to do these tasks, I set an hours timer and get to work. I guess now I understand that 25 minutes is the ideal time because in an hours time, I get an average of 8 distractions. So I applied the Pomodoro while doing my PW6, and 5 minutes into my work I get a text message to play Ludo! Now I know this sounds absurd, but this was from a friend who had been trying to set-up a time to play for weeks! The minute I saw that text, I was in a dilemma! Do I play? Do I say no? I was confused out of my mind! I eventually decided to wait 10 minutes before I replied, sent a reply ‘okay, in 10 minutes’ and got a response in the affirmative! Saved myself there!!