Free Social Bookmarking Sites List for Every Blogger

Today people around the world are playing an active role in social bookmarking, But what is social bookmarking?
Well, Social Book marking is built on the idea that anything that is useful on the internet is worth sharing with other user.

Social book marking sites play a predominant role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The traffic to our blog or website can be increased by using backlinks with the other popular websites. The sites with many backlinks are given high ranking by Google. And this is where social bookmarking site come to the rescue.

How sharing a link on the social bookmarking sites helps?

  • Other users can visit or see your blog or site recommended by others.
  • High page rank will be provided to your site by the search engine.

Now, once enough light is thrown upon the importance of social bookmarking sites, let’s explore which all sites we have with us for bookmarking purposes!

Free social bookmarking sites list that will ease up your SEO process!

Twitter and Facebook

Your site or blog can be easily promoted via social media like Facebook and twitter. Facebook is the social utility which connects the bloggers with their friends, family, colleagues and the other people around them. Twitter is not only a social network but also a micro blogging site which enables the users to send or read small messages called tweet.

By providing links to these social media, the visitors to your blog can be drastically improved.

It is considered to be the godfather of social news website where news related to science and technology are posted and shared. The editor picks up the best post and displays them on the front page.


Digg or bury is a voting system. It selects stories for internet audiences like science, entertainment, technology, politics etc. The most visited or the popular site is displayed first. If content is buried for a long duration, then it is automatically deleted.


Delicious enables the users to tag their bookmarks. As a result one can view the bookmarks added by the other users. This true tagging bookmark site helps in collaborating with likeminded people and groups their content in a stack.

Stumble Upon

It is a rating system. The user can organize their favorite bookmarks. It works independent of the search engines. The site goes viral if you receive lots of stumbles (likes) from other stumble upon users. More than a social bookmarking site, it is a discovery and recommendation site. The content which was not available in the other bookmarks can be discovered in this site.


Similar to Digg but users give the score for a site directly. Upvote increases the score of the site whereas the Downvote decreases the score of the site. If the site is linked to sub-reddited homepage, it may receive more than 1000 visitors per day. It is known for its unique content. If you wish to add spice to your content this site is of immense help.


It is populary known as community or citizen journalism. The users can post an external link for other users to view it. Just like a journalist the user can give or share their opinion about public discussion. Those who agree with the content of the article can vote for the content.
And the list goes on and on! Pick up your best choices and consume time and build a strategy!

Originally published at on February 24, 2016.

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