Why we need to build homes using the imagination we once had as a child.

Houses should make your heart beat differently.

Every window be the frame to see the world canvas.

They say every 15 minutes the view outside changes.

When I look out at the mouth open ocean, sometimes I see roaring waves crashing against the basalt sculptures of the rocky cliff mountains.

Why don’t we live like birds? Built sturdy for the now yet open and permeable, if demolished to be built again.

Our minds are so creative, why not create what is living already in your soul?

The painted pictures we paint, is it not a replica of the learnt world?

What would you pay to watch the waves crash from your bed!

A sanctuary.

A slice of your heaven on earth.

Why wait till you get to heaven, you have a lifetime before we get their.

So you remember what colour and ambience a spring day brings?

The bright glistening sun beaming off the sand on a hot day.

And that something so soothing as beads of water stream down cold sharp windows while a fire crackles in the background.

Childhood homes with their crayon marks still visible in the walls, or the kitchen that made so many special meals, but best of all the backyard where sheets would turn main shift cubby home, make believe dreams and play were had with all the kids from the street gathered at any time.

A lifetime is spent at home.. A lifetime!

Make your home your heaven on earth.

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