The Benefits Of healing therapy.

Healing therapy means that restoring healthy and wholesome state of enjoying embodiment. Healing medical aid means that a method that will an equivalent. fashionable healing therapies area unit reiki, magnified, theta, angels, violet flame, lamafera, yogmaya, budhha tantra, mount bibb & more. 
It’s a branch of spirituality that deals with operating with chakras and restoring their optimum level. 
It’s done at five levels namely- spirit, air, water, earth and hearth
Spirit level- I build use of life-force energy, universal energy, chi, and prana or omni gift energies

Air- I build use powerful words, mantras, chants, spells, angels
Water- I build use of emotional healing, energized salt baths, and zone healings
Earth- I build use of crystals, donations, herbs
Fire- I build use of powerful visualisations and affirmations, candle magic, numbers
1. universal healing
2. no aspect effects
3. nice results
4. past life healing
5. karmic healing
6. ancestors healing
7. cash growth
8. making sexual love
9. healthy living
10. emotional negativity
11. making potentialities
12. grasp life purpose
13. connecting with higher self
14. home cleansing
15. fights depression
16. removes negative thought pattern
17. shifts energy to higher life
18. makes life simple
19. removes concern
20. belongings burst guilt
21. operating with low vanity n shame
22. creates torrential and prosperous living

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